You might have heard of Bitcoin right? Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has been around since early 2009. Unlike Euro & Dollar Bitcoin does not exist in paper or coin form.The price of Bitcoin hit a record back in December 2017 when it passed €18,000.

At the time of this article Bitcoin's value is €9,300 which is amazing considering that it was only €500 back in July 2016 (3 years ago).

Are you looking to buy Bitcoins and not sure where to start? We wrote this guide for "beginners" in mind. By the end of this guide you'll know everything you need to in order to buy Bitcoin quickly and safely.

How to buy Bitcoin

  • Get a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Find your Bitcoin address
  • Go to Coinmama and buy Bitcoins
  • Enter your Bitcoin address to receive your coins

High street investors and advocates of bitcoin claim that it could eventually take over our “normal” currency. Scandinavian countries such as Sweden & Iceland are planning to fully change from “normal” currency” to Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies by year 2020. There are many shops and cafes all over EU that accept bitcoin as payment option. 

Facebook claims to be working on their own cryptocurrency so now is the best time to learn and invest in cryptocurrency. So let’s not waste anymore time and dive into your most important questions regarding Bitcoin.

Buy BTC with debit or credit card

This is one of the most popular methods of buying Bitcoins all over the world since its very handy to just sit at home take out your card and buy bitcoin, its quick and easy.

One of the best places to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with you card is Coinmama, they accept all types of credit and debit cards, Skrill and even bank transfers and they are very easy to use, so give them a go.

Buy BTC with Bank Transfer

Buying bitcoin with bank transfer is actually quite easy too. Both of our recommended services accept bank transfers however Localbitcoins is much quicker if you are buying from locals in Ireland so we recommend you use them.

Buying BTC with Paypal

Best way to buy bitcoin using Paypal is again Localbitcoins. You must Register at their website and view bitcoin sellers who accept "paypal" as a payment option. Click on the seller and make sure you read their "terms to trade". After you paypal the seller they will confirm it and release bitcoins to your personal wallet on That is it , easy peasy once again.

Buying BTC with Cash

Best way to buy bitcoin using Cash in Ireland is to use a service called localbitcoins. You must Register at their website and view bitcoin sellers in Ireland who accept "cash deposit" as a payment option. Click on the seller and make sure you read their "terms to trade". Seller will instruct you to head over to the bank and deposit cash to their bank account. After this you confirm your deposit with the seller and they will release funds to your personal wallet on That is it , easy peasy.

Trading Bitcoin?

Trading bitcoin is where you can make some serious money provided you get good at it. You can trade bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies at crypto exchanges and the best ones are listed below.

Bitcoin Trading Platforms



Established in early 2018 Binance has become world's most popular cryptocurrency exchange that provides a great easy to use platform for trading over 100 cryptocurrencies. Since 2018 Binance has been considered as the biggest and safest crypto exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.

  • Biggest trading platform
  • Very Secure
  • Easy to use


CEX.IO is a popular cryptocurrency exchange established in London in early 2013. CEX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and other trading options. CEX.IO offers trading cryptocurrency for fiat money, such as USD, EUR, GBP and RUB.

  • Trade crypto against fiat
  • Very Secure
  • Easy to use

Make Money Trading Crypto

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