We are a team of four highly experienced cryptocurrency experts. In the last six years we have accumulated a respectable portfolio of well known cryptocurrencies by short and long term trading on popular exchanges such as Binance and CEX.

We have also accumulated cryptocurrencies by a method of mining. We have launched this website together as a team and our number one goal is to educate everyone in Ireland about cryptocurrency & Bitcoin trading, mining and other popular topics.

The Future of Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is the original blockchain. It began its recorded history in 2009, but the technology draws from much earlier conceived ideas. Many people have mixed emotions about Bitcoin. It is hard not to, considering the bull run and subsequent crash at the end of 2017. Nevertheless, over the past 5, and even 10, years, Bitcoin remains consistently profitable. You only need to look back a few months along any time in its history to see a higher Bitcoin price at a later date. Some even considered Bitcoin to be more stable than gold for several months AFTER the fall of 2017.

Support for Buying Bitcoin Today

There are many reasons why so many people are buying Bitcoin today. The future shows even more promise. Take crypto wallets for example. Their governance is uniquely dependent upon the county in which they’re issued. However, the future crypto market will develop with fewer differences among global users who buy cryptocurrencY.

For example, once you access a wallet, you will complete a crypto transaction the same way any other user would on Earth. This is the nature of a decentralised monetary system, whether I buy Bitcoin in Ireland or anywhere else.

Consider an isolated location again like a Bitcoin Ireland. When Facebook mentioned launching its Global Coin by 2020 the world took notice. Essentially, it brought more support to all crypto initiatives like Iceland’s first-to-be-traded currency as E-Money. For users in a Bitcoin Ireland, global adoption can happen very quickly when Facebook gets involved.

Stay Informed

Whether looking to invest, or learn more about the crypto market, you should diversify your knowledge. I highly recommend becoming familiar with the different types of consensus mechanisms, such as, Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). It is important also to identify Delegated PoS (DPoS) because of rapidly developing new applications on forward thinking platforms like EOS. There are many others, but these are the most common. 

Rapid Innovation

One of the most promising areas is the gaming industry. Ethereum’s smart contracts fueled many developers’ dreams. But, it was DPoS and decentralized apps (Dapps) that really changed the game. PoS is much faster than the initial PoW consensus protocols. Blockchains, like Bitcoin, are considered more secure. Their existence adds substance to PoS and the lightning fast DPoS that dare to innovate further.

Online gaming proves to be the perfect place to test the limits of Dapps. There are a lot of gamers who are willing to invest their time for the promise of some return on their efforts. Also, many gamers are tech savvy. This is a good trait to have in crypto and is one of the key factors moving forward. While crypto developers look for ways to ease onboarding, I, like many crypto professionals, recommend becoming knowledge about, and safeguarding, your private keys.


The future of crypto is happening now. This is not a fancy marketing ploy. We will see faster change than ever before. DPOS and new Dapp solutions are leading the charge. Bitcoin is the foundation of this market. Its Lightning Network is making Bitcoin trading faster as each day passes. Altogether, cryptocurrencies are poised to begin reshaping the tech world within the next year.

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